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"All Natural Nutrients to Go!” 

Sprouting Unlocks the Seed! Increasing vitamins and minerals, decreasing anti nutrients, allowing for better mineral absorption!

 Back 2 the Garden is your source for all your sprouted product needs. 
Sprouted products are gaining momentum in the marketplace. We are excited to be part of the growth, and to help you "Create Your Own" line of sprouted products, or to offer them for sale to you at a local retailer, or right here online. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation for your new line, or an addition to your existing line of products. 
We help you from idea to finished product.
Our facility is equipped to not only sprout any grain or seed, but to mill, blend and package all your great ideas
Back 2 the Garden is committed to providing the marketplace with innovative sprouted food solutions. We offer conventional and/or organic, gluten free sprouted superseeds. We offer private label services/bulk/and or retail packaging.
Our Mission: 
To provide Sprouted  Innovative food solutions to  the retail and wholesale sector. 
Do MORE of what works for you and LESS of what doesn't!