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Take The 21 Day Challenge 

21 day challenge

Making an important change in your lifestyle takes a commitment!

The 21 Day Challenge is a simple way to make an important change in your lifestyle, in your eating habits, and in the limiting beliefs that aren't creating energy for you.

When you try our superfoods, we're with you through any obstacles you come across!

Let’s Begin!

Start by:  

  1. Adding sprouted flaxseed powder to your morning food choice: cereal, juice, yogurt, smoothie.
  2. Drinking 4-6 c. of water with fresh lemon (fill a water decanter at work and/or at home)
  3. Sprinkle sprouted broccoli onto your salad, or food choice at lunch.
  4. Add sprouted chia powder to your evening meal. Sprinkle on salad, veggies, or casserole.
  5. Substitute 1/4 chia gel for oil in baking, add to jams, and jellies.
  6. Eat more fruit, and veggies, less processed foods.
  7. Add sprouted rice, lentil, and quinoa dishes to your weekly diet.
  8. Take a walk ,bike, or jog  before work, after dinner, or at lunch with yourself, friend, and/or children…….., breathe deep, enjoy nature, and the beauty of the great outdoors! Use this time to ENJOY, de-stress, and let go.
  9. Enjoy an evening cup of decaf green tea, or other flavor.
  10. Get a good night sleep
  11. Repeat...

Increase Nutrients = Increased Health Benefits!

Let us know how you did.

Post your comments on our website, or email sales@back2thegarden.ca .

Did you find increased energy and stamina after the 21 Day Challenge?

What worked best for you? Time alone, walks before or after dinner, more time with loved ones?, or perhaps a bit of both?

Talk about it with your friends, find out what works best for who?

Even though we all need increased nutrients, exercise, healthy thoughts, time with loved ones, we are all different in how this works itself out.

Get to know each other better, while finding out what works best for who, and what is standing in the way of giving our bodies what they need to function optimally.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the hard questions… Why am I self-sabotaging my own health and wellness?

Want some personal help with your 21 Day Challenge? Check out our Facebook page !

Limiting beliefs, managing stress, creating energy and stamina – these are just some of the reasons why it’s important to challenge yourself!