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Healthy Living Starts Here!

Healthy Living Through Sprouted GrainsWe now know the bottom line to health is healthy cells. Our cells need nutrients to work properly and produce the energy we need for our everything we want to do. Without the proper nutrients, the energy making factories inside of each of our trillion cells start to shut down, resulting in fatigue and ultimately disease.

Nutrients don't just help our energy factories, but reduce the damage of free radicals in our bodies that can come from poor diet, stress and toxins.

Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, when provided with the right ingredients. These ingredients include a wide array of vitamins and minerals, which are provided in perfect proportions for us from natural sources.

Back 2 the Garden’s purpose is to bring all natural products and coaching to you. We do this by increasing your nutrients and decreasing stress and toxins – quickly, naturally, and locally, using sprouted superseed products, and products manufactured as close to the grower as possible.

Our sprouted superseeds, rice, quinoa and lentils help by providing your cells with the nutrients needed to function optimally. Our goals are simple:

  • Increase your stamina
  • Improve your ability to deal with stress
  • Find activities and exercises that motivate you

When you incorporate our products into your daily diet, and find your path Back 2 the Garden, you will be well on your way to living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle!