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Our healthy all natural food recipes using flax seed, broccoli seed sprouts and other organic foods are so delicious!

It's just a matter of getting creative, and giving your meals a little boost. 


Cream Cheese Red Pepper Jelly Hors D’oeurves

Cream Cheese and Red JellyWant to impress your guests with some amazing appetizers, or make holiday hors d’oeurves more memorable? Try this terrific cracker topper!

1/2c. whipped cream cheese (any flavour)
1 tbsp. Back 2 the Garden Sprouted flaxseed powder
1/2c. Red Pepper Jelly
1 tbsp. Back 2 the Garden Chia gel (1 part chia, 9 parts water)

Stir 1 tbsp. Sprouted flaxseed powder into Whipped Cream Cheese (any flavour).
Stir in 1 tbsp. Chia gel into Red Pepper Jelly.
Spread small amounts of cream cheese onto rice cracker, top with chia red pepper jelly.

For a great-looking recipe card, copy or right click to save this image, so you can use it anytime you like!