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Free 21 Day Challenge Workbook

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Create Your Own Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

The bottom line to a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle is:

 Increased nutrients from a natural bioavailable (digestible) source.

Nutrition from a plant source, has a wide array of nutrients in perfect proportions. 

Eliminate possible hidden allergies for things like Gluten... this one isn't easy to eliminate, but it can be done, and the benefits are worth your while.

By increasing nutrients you are decreasing stress internally... your cells are given what they need to keep those energy making factories working seamlessly. They also mop up any free radicals the energy making factories create.


The less processed food you eat the better you will feel! Your body has to work too hard just to process junk food. Each cell has to sort through the garbage, looking for nutrients, thus creating more free radicals, and not enough nutrients to keep the factories running.

While we all need nutrients to function optimally, some of us may need more of one thing than another.

We have 30,000 genes, with over 30 trillion variances, which make up all of our individual differences. That is why disease shows up differently in different people. The bottom line to disease is a breakdown in our energy making factories, due to lack of nutrients, exercise, and too much stress which again are all interrelated.

How do I find out what my specific needs are? Listen to your body. Pay attention. Symptoms are begging to be heard. Do more of what works and less of what doesn't!

Best Wishes on creating your own Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle! No one can do it but you! You are the author of your own wellness story!

Write a good one!