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5 Things You Should Know About Back 2 the Garden Sprouted Quinoa

1. High levels of lysine - an amino acid that fights viruses and heals skin sores

Lysine helps fight the herpes virus, helping to heal, and prevent cold sores. It can also help destroy damaged cells, helping to prevent cancer.

2. Increased levels of lignans, promoting hormone health and balance

The lignans in quinoa help to balance estrogen and testosterone levels and can help reduce cancer risks by minimizing cellular changes.

3. Incredible source of manganese, magnesium, iron and phosphorus

All important nutrients for long-term health.

4. A delicious grain high in protein that's easy to cook

Quinoa is delicious and cooks in about 15 minutes.

5. A versatile superfood, perfect for breakfasts, snacks, salads or side dishes.

Our sprouted quinoa is easy to use. Just blend it into smoothies, mix it with cereals, sprinkle on salads, and so much more.