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The Benefits of Exercise

What is all the hype about exercise anyway?

When it comes to exercise, have you ever thought, "I don’t have the energy for that!” How about, "I don’t want to waste my energy!”The result is you don’t have the energy to do much of anything.

The truth is, you can’t waste energy. You create energy! Yes, you do need recovery time, and rest, but that is after you have put yourself out there, in one way or another.

It is important to pick exercises you like. When you find a way to make simple activities like walking fun and enjoyable, you end up looking forward to doing them. The sky is the limit really. Some days you may prefer solitude. Some days you might want the connection of a friend, or your favourite tunes. Even mix up a walk , with a few seconds/minutes of a jog/run/hop/ or skip. You might start feeling like a kid again. Now, there is a motivator!

Don’t forget to deep breathe, and let go while you are doing your exercise of choice. In addition to an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, collect your thoughts or just de-stress, exercise also has some amazing side effects!


Increases IGF-1 (repair and youth hormone), which in turn:

Stimulates BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor), which is like a super fertilizer.

These chemicals are the brain’s way to make new brain cells (neurogenesis), and improve connections between existing brain cells (neuroplasticity)

Our bodies are designed to thrive with exercise, not without it.

Exercise has been found to improve cognitive performance, enhance memory, reverse depression, slow or stop mental decline associated with aging, and prevent dementia.

Exercise also builds new neural connections, rewiring your brain for better mood and cognitive function, making your brain run faster, smoother, and more efficiently.

It also increases levels of dopamine, which helps you focus, and serotonin, which calms you down.

It can give you the same neurotransmitter and mental benefits as Ritalin, and Zyprexa without the risk or side effects.

So … want to go for a walk, dance, hop, or a skip?

Remember… Have Fun! Tell us about your action plan! Email, text, or Facebook us with your Action plan for Creating Your Own Sustainable Health and Wellness Lifestyle.

Get on board with your own Health and Wellness! No one can make the changes but YOU! Be The Best You Can Be!