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How To Manage Stress

how to manage stressManage Your Own Stress:

The more control you perceive yourself to have over a stressful situation the less damaging the stress will be.

What is Your Coping Style?

One of the biggest obstacles to developing a stress management plan is your accustomed coping style. Taking an assessment of your coping style can begin to help you improve it.

According to Dr. Merrell author of The Source there are 5 different coping styles:

HELPLESSNESS: overwhelmed, incapable of reacting

DENIAL: don’t recognize the presence of stress; eventually it catches up with you.

STOIC ACCEPTANCE: recognize stress, but repress it rather than attempt to deal with it

FIGHTING SPIRIT: not afraid to engage the stressors, often head-on, but sometimes this can lead to exhaustion.

RESILIENCE: you look for links between thoughts, feelings, and reactions, and come up with a reasonable coping strategy.

Resilience is what we all want to work towards. The ability to detach from your stress, place it in perspective, and come up with a plan for coping is the healthiest approach.

When you are resilient you make the decisions, your emotions don’t run the show. You are able to come up with a plan because you are not denying or repressing the need for one. Suppressing emotions can lead to heart disease, and for the most part you are able to let go of the stress.

Stress produces cortisol, which is damaging to our cells. We know our cells, are the bottom line to Health and Wellness. If they are not healthy, no energy is created, to carry out our bodies many functions. Reducing stress is part of a healthy wellness plan.

Action steps you can take to help move your Tipping Point:

Excercise reduces cortisol levels, by giving us more clarity, which in turn aids in giving us perspecive, reducing stress.

Lavender is known to reduce cortisol levels and is a a sleeping aid.

Increased Nutrients from a natural bioavailable source aid in managing stress, by helping to clean up the free radicals(pollution) inside of our bodies, giving our cells the ability to create energy, so they don’t have to beg, borrow. and steal from neighbouring cells, ultimately resulting in fatigue, and disease.

Let us know your stressors, coping styles, and your action plan to reduce stress, thus moving your tipping point.

Let’s all get on board, doing our part in Creating Our Own Health and Wellness Story. Email, text, or facebook us with your Action plan for Creating Your Own Sustainable Health and Wellness Lifestyle.

No one can do it for YOU, but YOU. Be The Best You Can Be.