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5 star review

"I've been using Back 2 the Garden products for years."
"The sprouted brown rice in my soups, adds healthy nutrients and has as subtle nutty flavour, I also love the texture. I use the sprouted quinoa in my favorite quinoa salad, which is over the top healthy! The sprouted chia and flax my daughter and I use in our smoothies. I love these products!"

— D. Verra via Facebook

5 star review

"Absolutely awesome sprouted products."
"Same rice and lentils and flax I eat normally, only this is better!"

— A. Gilchrist via Facebook

5 star review

"I had the sprouted quinoa in my chicken soup today! Mmm!"
"I love all of the 'Back To The Garden' products!"

— M. Verra via Facebook

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