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July 2017

Sweet Balsamic Kale Summer Salad

Sweet Balsamic Kale Summer SaladSweet Balsamic Kale Summer Salad [With Sprouted Grains and Seeds] It’s Mid-July already (Say Whaat?), and it’s HOT. As the summer continues, we’ll keep highlighting the best, freshest and most delicious salads, curated to satisfy and make you feel great. This week, we combined three of our favourite Sprouted grains and seeds: Brown Rice, Quinoa, and Lentils. Together, they are a powerhouse, filled with fibre, protein, and a laundry list of vitamins and minerals. To showcase the best of summer, we added fresh mango, blackberries and kale to the mix, with some avocado, because what even is a salad without avocado?! Ingredients: ½ cup each, B2TG...

Thai Sprouted Quinoa Salad: Two Ways

Thai Sprouted Quinoa Salad: Two Ways With Peanut Lime Dressing I love Thai food. On my trip to Thailand, I got to experience real authentic Thai cuisine. What I loved was that the dishes tasted so fresh. They’re full of vegetables and colour. And they’re full of flavour. That being said, at most Thai restaurants, there is a lot of grease and oil used, which makes it not so healthy. I wanted to take all the great flavours of Thai food and make a vegan, gluten free salad that’s actually healthy. The sprouted quinoa is easier to digest than conventional quinoa, and it’s also a complete protein. It’s higher in vitamins and minerals, and is an all-round superfood. The peanut lime dressing...

Sprouted Lentil and Caramelized Peach Salad

Sprouted Lentil and Caramelized Peach Salad When summer hits, I start to crave light, fresh foods. The heat (and humidity) makes me want more fruits, more greens, and foods that aren’t going to raise my internal temperature too high. But, I also need something that will sustain me for hours, and fruits and vegetables alone just don’t make the cut. I love lentils because they are great either warm or cold, easy to make, and add a nutty, earthy flavour to dishes. Sprouted lentils are also easier to digest than conventional ones, and contain more vitamins and minerals. They also have 11g of protein per serving, 20% of your daily fiber. This makes it the perfect addition to summer salads, or side dishes, or main dishes....